Warning About Hotel Pizza Scams

Law enforcement officials warn consumers to be careful when ordering food from their hotel rooms. It is not uncommon for guests to find a variety of delivery menus inside their hotel rooms. There is, however, reason for concern.

Stacey Payne, Community Relations Manager for Lee County Sheriff’s Office says, “Maybe the local pizza place that’s being shown on the flyer is not really in existence.”

A common scam is for fake delivery menus to be slipped under hotel room doors. When guests call to place an order, their credit cards are charged and food is never delivered.

“It may not be until they get home that they realize, hey, my credit card has been hit for a lot more than just that 20 dollar pizza,” says Payne.

Payne says this same issue is happening nationwide. As a matter of precaution, guests should check with the front desk at their hotel before ordering from any flyer found in their room.

Some hotels are attempting to protect their customers from this type of scam by using room doors that are specially made to prevent items from being slid underneath these doors. Magdalena Tengroth, owner of the Dolphin Key Resort in Cape Coral says, “I don’t want … just anybody I don’t know, from taxi companies to restaurants, going and sneaking things in.” She makes sure that legitimate menus are available at the front desk so guests can be sure they’re dealing with a reputable company and as an added benefit, they can get recommendations from the desk clerk.


Posted on March 31, 2014 at 10:00 AM