Win $50 Gift Certificate Weekly From Boston Pizza

Get a chance t win $50 worth of Gift Certificates from Boston pizza by simply telling them about their visit to the pizza joint.

To join this grand raffle which they do every week, all you have to do is purchase your favorite pizza in Boston Pizza, enjoy the visit in the shop, keep the receipt and then go to this link: to enter your code from the receipt and tell them how they did. It's that easy! Winners are drawn randomly every week.

Here are the recent winners of the random draw: 

Candice - Ottawa, ON- Hunt Club - On
Barb - Chelmsford, ON - Thompson - MB
Vicky - Québec, QC- LeBourgneuf - QU
Susie - Prince George, BC- Spruceland - BC
Nadia - Brampton, ON - Kennedy & Steeles - ON 
William - Chatham, On - Chatham - Chatham, ON

While you are at their shop, don't forget to try their new product - the Pizza Burger! It's a "a bacon burger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza."

Watch this video to see what people are saying about it: 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM