Win A Pizza Franchise

Would you believe that there are such things as luck in business? Yes there is and this woman from Oshawa, Canada won a franchise pizza business which was featured in a reality TV show. 

The name of the lucky person to win the franchise is Brandi Scovell. Thanks to Topper's Pizza's generosity, Food Network was able to give Scovell a livelihood. 

The show was seen last June 24, 2013 episode from "Giving You The Business." Scovell was seen as a loyal and a hard working employee and has been working with Topper's since 2009 where she was also promoted as a Manager last 2012. 

Last July 15, 2013, the owner of Topper's named Keith Toppazzini helped Scovell in the new business kitchen now located at 22 Stevenson Rd. S. Oshawa. 

28-year-old Scovell of course, competed for the said prize of course and won it with flying colors as Topper's President Keith Toppazzini explained that despite the tests they made, Scovell still kept things cool. 

The reality show tested her with various situations such as a difficult customer, an unprofessional delivery, chaos in the restaurant, and lastly a man who brought in his own pizza ingredients. 

The contest ran last January and Scovell rolled with the punches together with 3 other contestants, thinking they would be doing a corporate training video in Sudbury. 

CEO Kelly Topazzinni, the sibling of Keith Toppazzini also mentions that she 
had the right character. 

"We watched her take a very large tip and put it into the SickKids donation box, which goes to character, personality,” said Mr. Toppazzini.

And though she kept her suspicions, she still went on being cool with a statement to the employees regarding a raise. 

“Mid-afternoon I said if there wasn’t something going on then everybody needed a raise,” she said.

The winnings had relieved the single mom and had allowed the whole family to have a chance for a better life. 

“It means not rolling pennies the day before payday to go get milk and things like that,” she said.

Topper's Pizza made this possible for a pure goodwill intention. 

“When my father first started in business, he started with very little money and there weren’t too many people who would give him a chance,” he said.

Today, Scovell had experienced a lot of changes and is so thankful for it. 

“I’m ridiculously thankful for the opportunity Keith and Kelly have given me,” she said. “Being from Oshawa, born and raised, it’s going to be fun to work here for a really long time.”

The reality show can be seen
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM