Woman Compensated $2.5 Million After Eating Chicken Pizza

A 59-year old woman, whose name is Calla Felicity, had accidentally swallowed a chicken bone when she was eating her barbecue chicken pizza. The 1.2-inch bone that was stuck in her throat had pierced through her esophagus.

Luckily for Felicity, she survived the near to death experience but the down side would come from her surgeries and recovery.

With over 11 repairing surgeries to require, Felicity was rewarded with $500,000 medical coverage required by Contra Costa County jury to the Foster Poultry Farms and to the operator of South San Francisco Round Table Restaurant. She was also compensated with $2 million as the jury believed it was needed to cover pain and suffering.

Felicity wasn’t the only complainant for the bone splinters found in Foster Farms’ chicken tenders, as it was said that since 2005, 206 customers had already complained about it. Most victims were even children, choking on the bone splinters!

Posted by Mommygetscranky, on May 15, 2012 at 9:00 AM