Women In Love And Some Really Great Pizza

We all heard of the new pizza chanel called Pizza Cuz and we now know that this chanel is featuring interesting stories that involved pizza. 

This week, the pizza show featured an Amici branch in Berkley owned by a lesbian. This particular branch has been told as the one of the most successful ones owned by a woman in the country. 

Jennifer Stark and Maureen McNamara, owners of the pizzeria started the franchise eight years ago from Stark's brother as they acquire with it high quality products that they will serve locals. This local business has also sourced from local sources and has tried their best to get non-GMO products. 

The pizza show featured a pizza with portabella mushroom, caribbean spicy jerk and black bean. 

The show was filmed the whole day from 10 a.m to 7 p.m. where the pizza was shown and customer interviews. 

"The first thing they did was mic us. They filmed us from 10 in the morning until 7 at night. They interviewed customers. We made pizzas. It was fun."

What makes this branch so popular is not only the pizza, but also the whole experience they give to the customers. 

"We try to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We have a lot of regular customers and they say they feel really comfortable here," Stark said.

In addition, local artists have also displayed their art in the walls of Amici to keep things interesting. 

"We display the work for free, we don't take a commission like other places do. We just want to support artists," 

Other than that, the patio gives customers a peaceful ambiance where the garden is located. Customers can enjoy a romantic evening with their beautiful lights and landscape in what they describe as a "woman's touch."

The partners have not forgotten their stewardship to nature as they keep things in a greener value. 

"We recycle all our cans, bottles and packaging. We use green cleaning supplies. And we use biodegradable wear - forks and knives - and our to-go containers are made of sugarcane," 

Popularized by winnin several awards, the this branch has been known with titles such as Best Gourmet Pizza from the Metro Times for 2010 and 2013, Best Gourmet Pizza from the Detroit Free Press in 2002, and City's Best Pizza from 2005-2007 from AOL City Guide.

The owners also keep a close look on their business, doing their own part at work and keeping a good relationship with each other as they journey in a 11 year relationsip and an 8 year business partnership. 

See the program's website at http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/shows/pizza-cuz.html.

Learn more about Amici's Pizza at http://amicispizza.com/.
Posted by Diane Araga, on June 5, 2013 at 5:00 PM