World Pizza Games

On March 19, the famous World Pizza Games will  be held in Las Vegas and a local pizza shop announces its entry.

The local pizza shop, Pizza Joe’s is entering the competition for the fastest box folding. The representative for their company is Mario LaMarca.

"We're going to have to fold about a box a second to be where we need to be," said LaMarca.

The contest states that over 5 pizza boxes are needed to be folded. Each box is around 12 inches and the pressure is on for each contestant, as last year’s winner accomplished this whithin 22 seconds.

"Right now I can't even get one, " he said. "I can get about half way through it , so I need to get faster."

LaMarca added as he explains that folding pizza boxes is all about technique in the wrist and the fingers.

"It's just using your hands a lot," he said. " I feel like actually by texting you can actually get a little bit faster at it too."

The three year employee of Pizza Joe, Patrick Matey, said that he beat his boss by 5 seconds during their practice challenge.

"I'm concerned , but that doesn't mean he's coming to Vegas with me, said LaMarca.

"I feel pretty confident, but I don't know, I beat him , so I think I should be taking his spot," said Matey.

"I think it would be great for the area, " said LaMarca, aspiring for the title. "Especially the whole pizza tradition in this town."

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM