World’s Best Pizza 2013

The best pizza can be found in Mundaring.

Theo Kalogeracos, Mundaring’s pizza maker is now renowned as the world champion in the 2013 Las Vegas Pizza Expo after he won the tournaments against the best of the best.

Four ingredients were only available in the tournament, which were sundried tomatoes, pears, rockets and prosciutto. These ingredients were required to be in their pizzas and only 20 minutes were given for preparation, baking and serving.

A cheese board inspired entry was made by Kalogeracos, which was outstandingly delicious in its gourmet taste that was topped by crumbled blue cheese, toasted walnuts, fresh rockets and balsamic vinegar.

So now that he won, Mundaring is now famous not only for their truffles, best wines and sceneries but also for their pizza!

“It is such an honour to meet talented and enthusiastic pizza chefs from around the globe,” Kalogeracos said in an interview and added “My real passion is creating, so it was brilliant that they put on a mystery box competition.”

Aside from his champ belt, he is now facing fame out of it and additional income opportunities through his new book release called the Theo and Co Take 2 – The Search for the Perfect Pizza Continues.

This dedicated pizza champ also owns 3 Little Caesars Pizza restaurants found in Perth and has also released his first book, Theo and Co pizza products around America and Asia.

“They say love is the universal language – well I say pizza is the universal food,” Kalogeracos said.

“Everyone loves piKalogeracoszza and if an Australian-born Greek from Perth, who married into an Italian family can take out the title of World Champion Master Pizza Maker, then I think that proves it.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 9, 2013 at 11:00 AM