World's Biggest Human Pizza

There has been outstanding entries and titles for the world's biggest pizza but this time, South Kingstown has given those kinds of titles a little twist. 

For the recognition of the 7th Annual Hunger Awareness Day last June 6, a new record has been set break for the title of the World's Biggest Human Pizza. 

Last year, 152 people were involved and participated by wearing pizza colors. 

"We’re proud to announce we’ve beaten our own record when 174 people participated this year!" said Spokesperson and President of the End Hunger Foundation, Steve Maciel. "Rhode Island has a long heritage with pizza. Grilled pizza was first introduced here and Travel & Leisure magazine recently voted Providence second best Pizza in America. And now, RI will be always be known as the home of the World's Biggest Human Pizza!" 

The coordinator of the awareness day was led by Hunger Task Force who successfuly gained sponsors from local pizzerias and ice cream stores for free food. They also had live music from the Westmoreland Street Jammers, along with other performers who are members of the ‘1 of 52’ Hunger Network. 

"We're working to make a connection between locally sourced products as pizza ingredients and toppings to tie it with the local food movement, improving our local economy and the goal of creating food secure communities," said Maciel. "We also issue a challenge to other hunger organizations to try and beat our record."

The event was free but donations were encouraged to be brought.
Posted by Diane Araga, on June 17, 2013 at 8:00 PM