World's Healthiest Pizza in U.K.

Eat Balanced thought the approach of having the right ingredients and containing it in one dish means having the healthy food and fundamentally, it could be correct with the right amount. 

Eat balanced created a pizza that is low in fats, low in sodium, high in protein, high in fiber and high in nutrients. They claim that this pizza could be eaten 3 times a day and has all the right ingredients to make a person healthy. 

The concept of the pie is executed in a small thin pizza in the right portion that has high protein and fiber, giving eating consumers satiety hence feeling like they don't need another slice. 

Its crispy and nutritious, containing unbleached, untreated wheat flour (white and wholemeal), water, crushed tomatoes (18%), mozzarella and cheddar cheeses (13%), cherry tomato (12%), red pepper, rapeseed oil, yeast, Seagreens seaweed, oregano, salt and garlic powder.

To make it even more interesting, the company had added seaweed in the ingredients of the dough and replacing salt. 

“The Italian origins of pizza were straightforward. There were few ingredients, and they weren’t dripping with cheese, so it was about the quality of ingredients. It’s actually the Americans that corrupted pizza--obviously we’re not going to have hot dogs stuffed in the crust.” said Mike Lean, the University of Glasgow professor who led the designed pizza. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 24, 2014 at 3:00 PM