Yogurt Mountain Owner Trying his Hand at Pizza

David Kahn, the man behind Yogurt Mountain is now planning to bring a new chain of build-your-own pizza restaurants across Alabama. The initial locations are planned for Tuscaloosa, Mountain Brook, Madison and Montgomery.

The pizza chain will be called Pizza 120. It will feature a selection of fresh ingredients that customers can use to build their own pizza. As customers progress through the line, they’ll have the opportunity to select their dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. The pizzas are then cooked in 2 minutes. The name of the restaurant is taking from the number of seconds it takes to cook the pizzas: 120.

“We’re taking the number one food in America, and we’re going to make it fun, affordable and fast,” said Kahn. “You design it, you create it and we’ll deliver it to your table.”

Kahn had to reinvent himself after owning one of the biggest Blockbuster franchise. He did that with Yogurt Mountain. After Yogurt Mountain, he began looking for his next enterprise. He saw the build-your-own pizza model growing in popularity on the west coast. He says his restaurants will have a family feel. They will have ingredients and ovens imported from Italy. Kahn will be joined in business by Tasker Hewitt who recently left California Pizza Kitchen.

The Pizza 120 restaurants will have a signature dough that is made with low-gluten flour. Customers will also have a gluten-free option. The 10 inch pizzas will start at $5 for cheese and up to $7.99 for unlimited toppings.

In the initial phase, four restaurants will open with the first one opening on June 15th and the fourth at the beginning of August. Each location will be approximately 2500 square feet, seating 72 to 74 people.



Posted on May 6, 2014 at 10:00 AM