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Last updated 8.9.2011

Reservations Policy: Accepted

Ambiance: Casual, Family Friendly

Parking: Lot

Menu: margarita, tiramisu, chicken marsala, mashed potatoes, bread pudding, buffalo wings, baked more...margarita, tiramisu, chicken marsala, mashed potatoes, bread pudding, buffalo wings, baked ziti, rice pudding, french onion soup, chicken wings, grilled salmon, corned beef, cannoli, grilled shrimp, garlic bread, grilled chicken, chicken parmigiana, gyros, rice pilaf, butter chicken, baked ham, onion soup, calzones, souvlaki, eggplant parmigiana, potato skins, fried calamari, chicken tenders, salad bar, saffron rice, spinach pie, new york style pizza, white pizza, cheese pizza, pilaf, chicken souvlaki, garden salad, cheese cake, penne a la vodka, genoa salami, retsina, pizza margherita, cheese tortellini, veal parmigiana, grilled red snapper, roasted pork tenderloin, roasted pork loin, mixed greens, veal cutlets, cheese ravioli, grilled filet, garlic knots, chicken marinara, marsala chicken, chef s salad, salmon filet, sausage peppers, fried mozzarella, fried flounder, quattro formaggi, loin of pork, chicken gorgonzola, pizza salad, sweet sausage, mozzarella chicken, grilled salmon filet, three cheese tortellini, lime butter, fettuccini, spinach feta, meatball parmigiana, ham - cheese, new york strip, roasted loin of pork, buffalo wings chicken, ny strip, veggie deluxe, strip steak, cheese meatball, shrimp athena, turkey provolone, jumbo cheese ravioli, vegetables chicken

Products Other: Restaurant, dine in or delivery. Italian food and pizza.

Specialties Other: Online Coupons and Dine in specials

Year Founded: 2002

Feature: Buffet, Great Beer List, Great Wine List, Take Out

Other Contact Info:

Keywords: Italian Restaurants

Reviews (4) Write a review

Posted by

My family and I have been going there since we moved to Florida about 5 years ago. They are FANTASTIC people! Very polite and hard-working staff. The food is always great. NEVER had a problem with service, in dining room or carry-out. Great lunch buffet. Their Steak and Cheese sub is superb. Also love their Chicken Parmesan. Wife loves the souvlaki.

Posted by

They messed up my order. Nobody apologized for the mess up. They wouldn't fix the order and Nick, the owner, refused to even talk to me. The food that I did get was terrible. I even went back the next day in-between the lunch and dinner rushes to talk to Nick. He again refused to come out of the back. I guess he's always to busy to help a paying customer. I'm never going back there.

Posted by

My wife called to order a pizza. She was quoted a price for the order that was more than their advertised "special" on their website. My wife called back a minute and a half later to ask about the price difference and was told "too bad, your order is already in the oven. You have to pay full price.". What pizza place can take an order, make a custom 3 topping pizza, and put it in the oven in less than 2 minutes? I went into the restaurant to voice my displeasure with the manager. I asked the girl at the counter if I could speak to him. She said she would go get him and disappeared into the kitchen. She came back out a minute later and said "he said he is busy, you can leave him a message.". I told her that I am am unhappy customer and wanted to speak with someone in charge. She again told me she would get him for me and went into the kitchen. She returned again a minute later and said "he said he is too busy, but he will take care of it". How can he take care of it? He wouldn't even come talk to me. Then the pizza cook comes over to the counter and basically calls me a liar saying that my wife didn't call back in a minute its was over 5 minutes from when she placed the order. Hello, its 2011, she called from her smartphone. I have the call log right in my hand. The girl at the counter again went to the back to get the supervisor. She again came back and said "he said he's too busy, but he'll fix the problem, he's the owner." I finally gave up trying to speak to him. Obviously the owner doesn't care about customer service or his customers in general. I don't like being charged for something I didn't want and don't appreciate being called a liar when I bring it to their attention. They are pulling a bait and switch with their so called "special". Their website advertises a large pizza for $10, but when you call and order a large they charge you $17. If you say you want the large pizza special, they give you a smaller size pizza, a medium pizza. How is that a special? Stay away from Sopranos! Poor customer service and terrible management.

Posted by
Corey Justice

I go here to get the lunch buffet and love the food usually the people are very nice. - Corey Justice - Oct-01-2011

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