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Latest Pizza Recipes

Pesto and Bacon Pizza Appetizer

In a hurry? Need to make instant pizza within 20 minutes? Here's one way you can make that possible.

Healthy Chicken Tamale Pizza

Tamale could be sweet, could be savory, could be salty and anything else in between as a tamale from different countries could also be a pizza!

Mini Hawaiian Portobello Pizza Bites

If you have ever been one of those college kids that have run out of things to eat and have resolved everything with a frozen dish, here's another way

Buffalo Veggie Pizza

There is no doubt that kids are difficult to feed especially if they don't like fruits or vegetables.

Cauliflower and Green Bean Pizza

Its gluten free, filled with vegetables and has a ton of ingredients that will make the usual pizza a special treat!

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Banana Pizza

Make your usual savory pie into a sweet ending this week through the Road not Processed's recipe of a Cinnamon sweet potato banana pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza Pie Bundles

There are various ways to make pizza interesting just like Meal Make Over Mom's recipe of a cheeseburger pizza that are in bundles.

Spelt Crust, Aubergine, Ricotta & Basil Pizza

One medium pizza is all it takes to impress guests and this spelt crust

Easy Whole Wheat Margherita Pizza

In an hour's time, margherita pizza could be a whole different dish if the dough is changed.

French Macaroon Pizza

Easy Food Smith illustrates a different kind of dish that may seem like a good way to twist pizza recipes into

Sausage Pizza Rolls

Recipe from the Sausage pizza rolls from My Bacon Wrapped Life

Savory Wild Blueberry Pizza

It may seem like a long recipe to follow and it may take you three hours to finish making this pizza but it would probably be worth it if it comes from a healthy recipe of My Healthy Eating Habits.

Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Fruit Pizza

End your weekend with a sweet smile and a sweet tooth coming from the gluten free recipe of Fit Foodie Finds.

Pepperoni Twirls

This may look like your ordinary bread but this pizza is one dough that could have all the flavor you need for your craving taste buds.

Beer Carnitas Pizza

If you are seeking for a beer inspired dish, here is one that should not be missed!

Sausage Pizza Taco Recipe

I love tacos and I love pizza, put them together and you will get a recipe from SheKnows that could be your next favorite dish!

Garlic Bread Margherita Pizza Recipe

Its not always required to make dough from scratch, sometimes all you need is bread and a little imagination


A recipe you can do as an alternative dish for your typical pizza dough, the Zeppole from Made in our Kitchen.

Easy Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas with Optional Bacon

Tired of trying to come up with ideas that would entice your kid's appetite?

Sumac Chicken Lavash Pizza

What could a Sumac Chicken Lavash be? A sumac is a flowering plant while a lavash is a Persian flat bread.

Black Eyed Peas, Tofu Thyme Ricotta, Deep Dish Pizza

This vegan black eyed pea with tofu pizza is perfect for those highly allergic to various food products.

Sweet Pulled Pork French Bread Pizza

Within 18 minutes, you can serve 6 people a dish that would fill their stomachs and satisfy their pizza cravings, thanks to Chelsea's Messy Apron.

Pizza Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Dieting is hard especially if pizza is just right in front of you.

Rosemary Flatbreads for Crusts

Christmas may be over but the spirit can still remain with pizzas around!

White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookie Pizza

The holidays may be over and some people may seem to want to diet but for those who are still hung over the season, here's one good recipe for your sweet tooth.

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