Japanese Tofu Pizza

Interestingly, there are different kinds of pizzas and in the Japanese cultures, adding tofu fuses their culture to the amazing dish. From the Japanese Kitchen, featured is a unique pizza recipe with chili powders, spring onions and mayonnaise. Sounds weird at first but this delectable dish is worth trying. 

1/8 teaspoon chili powder ( Japanese-Shichimi) 
1 tablespoon spring onion ( finely chopped) 
2 teaspoons mayonnaise 
1 teaspoon soy sauce 
2 tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese 
1 tofu ( abura-age)Directions

1. Brush soy sauce and mayonnaise on abura-age then cover with shredded cheese.
2. Top with finely chopped spring onions and toast in the oven for 5minutes.
3. Sprinke Shichimi to finish off.

Easy huh?
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 30, 2013 at 9:00 AM