Pizza Cutters and the Variety of Uses

Pizza cutters are specifically named as such because it serves a purpose of cutting pizza! Some wouldn't think of buying their own as a pizza cutter doesn't seem worth it, since its mainly used for cutting pizza. But did you know that you could make the most out of your pizza cutter and use it for other things? 

25 Uses for a pizza cutter according to DVO:

  1. Slicing sheet cake
  2. Slicing casseroles
  3. Cutting brownies
  4. Cutting lasagna
  5. Cutting dessert bars
  6. Slicing cheese
  7. Lattice piecrust
  8. Cookie cutter – Whatever shape you want.
  9. Chopping herbs
  10. Cut puff pastry
  11. Cut Fudge
  12. Cut Jell-O
  13. Cutting the crust off of PB&J's
  14. Cut pastry
  15. Cut dough
  16. Cut quesadilla
  17. Cut pita bread
  18. Cut bacon – Makes breakfast burritos much faster!
  19. Cut pasta
  20. Cut garlic bread
  21. Slice pies
  22. Cut pancakes, waffles, or French toast
  23. Cut chicken 
  24. Slice grilled cheese sandwiches (or any kind for that matter!)
  25. Chop vegetables

Basically, cutting in different things can be its purpose and you probably won't notice it until you've tried it yourself but this pizza cutter will enabe people to have an easier task in cutting! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 30, 2013 at 11:00 AM