Solar Baked Pizza Pies in NY

This is one old news, which happened two years ago but discovering that someone actually did bake a pie with a recycled box then sold it in Union Square is one unbelievable confidence.

The students of Brooklyn's James Madison and Edward R. Murrow high schools last 2011 had created solar panel pizza boxes out of tin foil and recycled pizza boxes and used it to bake the pies. Though there were questions on the results of the end product, specifically if the dough was good or not but the event was made for a "going green" campaign by students. 

Critics however, thought that the excessive use of tin foil was not really helpful in the going green movement. 

But the good news about it was the fact that the recycled boxes was able to really cook a pizza as the boxes emitted up to 200 degrees of heat on a really sunny day. 

Usually this pizza box display is made in the early childhood days but these high school students took it to the next level trying to sell one. 
Posted by Diane Araga, on November 12, 2013 at 10:00 PM