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Last updated 8.9.2011

Menu: hummus, hot dogs, chicken curry, california pizza, curry chicken, spinach salad, ramen, more...hummus, hot dogs, chicken curry, california pizza, curry chicken, spinach salad, ramen, chutney, garlic bread, grilled chicken, bbq chicken, baguette, calzones, mango chutney, tuna sandwich, pepperoni pizza, pizza rustica, chicken sandwich, albacore tuna, veggie burger, grilled chicken breast, smoked ham, fresh salsa, roasted red peppers, roasted peppers, chicken sausage, lime chicken, gourmet salads, american pizza, mixed greens, meatball sub, oven roasted turkey, mediterranean chicken, roasted eggplant, texas pizza, veggie sandwich, gorgonzola salad, kids pizza, chicken basil, pizza salad, pizza sandwich, chicken caesar, chicken cilantro, mozzarella chicken, thai peanut, greek feta, pepperoni - cheese, penne pesto, penne with chicken, white albacore tuna, apple pie pizza, penne marinara, pesto penne, pear gorgonzola, mozzarella marinara, pizza bread sticks, curry chicken sandwich, turkey breast sandwich, chicken penne pesto, mushroom classic, veggie calzone, meat calzone, classic cheese, add chips, gourmet veggie, caesar side salad, turkey provolone, classic calzone, hot meatball sub, tuscan mushroom, pepperoni classic, santa fe chipotle, california mixed greens, veggie toppings, dip n stix, roasted fuji apple

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Z Pizza is not your typical pizza restaurant. The location on Douglas Boulevard in Roseville is not big enough for a large group, and can be very noisy. That makes the ambiance a little difficult to enjoy, as conversations are tough to hear. That being said, the reason for eating here is not to enjoy a quiet and romantic evening. The reason for eating here is to try some very different pizzas that are as good as just about any that are out there today. First of all, I love the idea that I can get a whole wheat crust. It gives the pizza a new dimension and makes the crust something other than ordinary. I have tried two different menu items here. One is a pizza that was a mushroom combination. I can't remember precisely what was on it, because it was several months ago, but what I do remember is that it was flavorful and that I had a lot of trouble stopping after a couple of pieces. My mouth wanted more, but my waistline said "no no no". I have also tried the calzones, also with wheat crust. I had an italian version and my wife tried the gourmet veggie version. Both were great. They had a lot of flavor, even though they weren't overstocked with ingredients. Frankly, I would rather taste all of the flavors than have just one item overwhelm the others. Z Pizza did a good job of balancing the flavors, and a coupon made the price reasonable. Like most pizza restaurants besides Papa Murphy's, the price of pizza has seemed to climb along with the price of gas. If you go to Round Table, a large specialty pizza will set you back over $20. Z Pizza prices are about the same. Don't expect to get out with a $2.99 special. However, you can often find coupons out there and the Entertainment book usually contains a nice 50% off coupon. All in all, if you are tired of the typical boring crust pepperoni pizza and would like something more flavorful, give Z Pizza a try. You may want to take the pizza home if you want to avoid the noise level, but by all means try it. And don't be too timid. Give one of their original recipes a try. It's fun, and it is delicious.

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Their gluten free pizza is made in an off site facility and not provided by a 3rd party like still-riding gluten free crusts. The pizza itself was disappointing; very flimsy and toppings were scarce and the paper plates they gave us to eat on were see-through they were so thin. More of a take out place than dine in even though they have a few tables. - Debbie - May-13-2009

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