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Based on: 19 reviews
IMO'S Pizza
742 S 4th St ,
Saint Louis, Missouri 63102
(314) 421-4667

About Us: This pizzeria is known as the best in the area and has more than 25 locations throughout St. Louis. No matter where you are in the city, an IMO's is nearby. It serves great tasting St. Louis-style pizza and offers delivery to just about anywhere. The pizza varieties include everything from the standard sausage to vegetarian versions. You can also enjoy spaghetti and meatballs and a great lasagna. Pizza pricing varies according to size.


Last updated 8.8.2011

Reservations Policy: Accepted

Ambiance: Family Friendly

Parking: Lot

Services Other: Catering, Lunch, Parties, Pick Ups

Menu: hot wings, garlic bread, cheese pizza, roast beef sandwich, lasagna pizza

Cuisine: American,Business,Italian,Pizza

Dress Code: None

Products Other: Appetizers, Bacon, Beef, Breads, Chicken, Chips, Chips & Dip, Cookies, Drinks, Ham, Hamburgers, Hot Foods, Italian, Lasagna, Meals, Meatballs, Meats, Pasta, Pastas, Pizza, Pizzas, Ravioli, Roasts, Salads, Salami, Sandwiches, Sausage, Sausages, Sodas, Veal, Home Style

Specialties Other: Offices, Outings

Price: $5 - $15

Feature: Delivery, Late Night, Take Out

Other Contact Info: (314) 421-4669

Keywords: Italian Restaurants, Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, American Restaurants, Pizza

Amenities: Off-Site Catering

Reviews (19) Write a review
Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Meatless? Yeah right!: My spaghetti with no meat sauce was delivered with meat. Second try it had meat again after the manager had assured it would be a no meat sauce. third time I called the manager answered. He did everything but come out and say I was lying. I told him I did not want them to try a third time, I was just mad it had happened. He said he wouldn't have sent another one anyway. He told me over and over it had no meat and I told him over and over to have someone pick it up so he could see for himself. Then he told me it had no meat again! I did find out that their "meatless" sauce is not meatless. It is made with meat in it, but then the meat is strained out making it "meatless". Not a good thing for a vegetarian. Overall I was disappointed with the food but even more so with the customer service from the owner.

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There is no substitute: I am from Oklahoma City having originally lived in St. Louis. Believe it or not...I miss this pizza joint. The flavor is unmatched to any (and I mean any) pizza in the entire WORLD. Even the pizza I had in the place where it was invented (Italy) can not compare to Imo's. I have recommended it to every person I ever met and everyone recommended will not deny that it is that good. Every year I go back to St. Louis. Every year I have the chance to eat this pizza. Every year I gorge myself just to make sure I am satisfied until I return the following year. I gain 5 lbs everytime I go home to St. Louis. Do I blame Imo's? Of course I do, but the pizzaria should be proud of that. No, it is not a place for ambiance. I had to admit it would be 1 star for that. But to count that one star against the overall experience would be a travisty. I leave for St. Louis this Labor Day Weekend. Yes, I plan to order "pizzas to go". Now, I have neices and nephews hooked on it. My law partners, court clerks, bailiffs, judges, etc. Even doctors. So if you ever go to St. Louis and craving pizza, just ask any locals and they will lead you to it. YES IT'S THAT GOOD.

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I love Imo's Pizza a lot. I previously worked for them as a delivery driver. Their Pizza is the best, espeacially since I love thin crust so much. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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The best thin crust pizza there ever: I order pizza from here when i'm watching any of the sports shows, The cheese on their pizza is the best and they're not stingy with add toppings. My son loves it because he doesn't get just a mouth full of crust to try and fill him up. They cut it in nice squares and they are fast with deilvering it, it's always hot, I can't order anything from here without order their Hot wings. If you come this way you should really try this place, believe me you love it.

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Really fast delivery and great St. Louis Style pizza. The best!

Posted by

best pizza in stl: best pizza /hoy roast beef

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Simply Disgusting: I recently moved to St. Louis. I'm originally from NJ. The pizza is disgusting. If you are looking for pizzeria style pizza similar to that found in Chicago, NY, or the east coast pass Imo's by. A lot of customers might say that the cheese used on the pizza is a required taste, but I found it to be repulsive and a bad attempt at making great pizza. It is over priced for the actual amount of pizza you get. I couldn't even finish it. My search for great pizza in St. Louis continues....

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The food was great as always, and I really love the new building this location is using now. The service could have been more helpful and customer oriented though. I spent 20+ minutes in a line of five people that included two friends just to thave my order taken. One server just stood there for a few minutes even though she knew I had been waiting for a while. I may stick with the other IMO's location I was using before.

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great pizza, friendly staff: I always order from this store when I am in downtown St. Louis. It is much better than the location near my house and the staff and delivery drivers are great.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Plain delivery: I had asked the hotel I was staying at for a local pizza place who delivers. They suggested Pizza Hut. "no I like to try local restaurants" so Imo's was the number they gave me. The chap who took the order did a good job, efficiently. The delivery time was spot on with their estimate. Price was about average. The delivery guy was in a fowl mood and I could tell he was sick and tired of his job; at least for that night. The "thick crust" was what I would consider thin, and they kinda went cheap on the toppings especially the cheese. I likely won't reccomend this pizza.

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St. Louis Style!: This pizzeria is the only one in town with the original "St. Louis Style" pizza. It is unique, and you're guaranteed to miss it when you leave St. Louis. There aren't too many dislikes about Imo's Pizza. It's a great place.

Posted by

Love Imo's, fast hot and delicious delivery pizza. Just like I remember it.

Posted by

The worst pizza ever...: The pizza is disgusting and gross. I ordered a sandwich and was given hard bread and a few slices of roast beef. Nothing to dress it up with. The order takers always act like your putting them out when you call to order. The service is the worst. This is not a one time deal. I tried it three times hoping it would get a better response. Never did. You would have better luck going to McDonalds.

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Imo's Pizza is the best So is the Provel Cheese: Nice people good pizza and they ship it coast to coast. Provel cheese is only found in St.Louis,Mo and only used at Imo's Pizza....... Maureen Plano, Tx

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The Best: Whenever I travel to St. Louis I always order pizza from this location. It delivers right to the hotel and is always excellent. Pizza is always super thin and crispy with that GREAT st louis style cheese. The roast beef sandwich is also good but remind the staff to send you the au jus...the frequently forget it.

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Delicious and FAST! Love the deluxe pizza, salads and wings are good too. Delivery usually less than 35-40 minutes. Pizza is all thin crust with provelone cheese? Very weird but addictive and very good. Wings are also good. I have been to other locations of Imo's Pizza in the St. Louis area....NOT AS GOOD. This is by far my favorite location!

Posted by
Becky 904

Love Love Love Imo's Pizza! I missed it so much when I lived outside St. Louis. So glad to be back. Just like I remember it!

Posted by
howard berkus

This is the best delivery pizza in the downtown/soulard/laffiette square area by far!

Posted by

We had a deluxe and a sausage and pepperoni delivered to our hotel room with some salads and toasted ravioli. They arrived hot and were excellent. The pizza is very very thing cracker like with a soft creamy cheese that is definitely not...

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