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Last updated 3.13.2012


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I went to this restaurant on a Wednesday. I was with some secretaries from my job. We went in and was evenutally greeted by a female. She didn't know what drinks they carried and was unable to answer any questions we asked. Her attitude was that of :I dont want to be here doing this." The plus side is that the food was wonderful! But the service was terrible. I went back to try it a second time at the restaurant. My friend and I went and sat at a booth. We were there a full 11 minutes and during that time we watched the SAME female stand and the counter watching us! Eventually, we called out "Hey Miss" we're ready to order to which she looked at us like she was bored and stated in the rudest voice...You have to come here (she pointed at the counter) to order! At that point I had had enough of this rude surly female so I told my friend, let's go...I am not spending my money in this place ever again! If you don't mind her attitude then you will love the place because the food is awesome but as long as she is serving there I think I will pass.

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Mr. Mike

We discovered Romeo's a couple of months ago, and after MANY deliveries and meals, this place ROCKS! From the pizzas to the subs, the wraps and wings, to appetizers, the service has been better than most of the local places we've had. Having lived in this area for the past 10+ years, Romeo's is definitely at the top of our choices for delivery, and we tell all our friends to give them a try.

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A few weeks ago, we placed an order for delivery. We weren't too distressed about time wait time because it was the normal dinner hour. When placing the order, I specifically told the CSR that my boyfriend has a severe allergy to vegetables, and asked her to have them remove all vegetables from the sandwich. After waiting an hour, the sandwich was loaded with vegetables! I called back and the MOD was gracious enough to send us another sandwich, an hour later. We waited until tonight, about two weeks later and placed another order. I was sure to reiterate the previous mistake as well as my boyfriends allergy. She read the order back, and it was correct. We were quoted 45 minutes for delivery, no big deal. An hour later we received our order. My boyfriend unwraps his sub to find it LOADED with onions. Another call has been placed, 45 minutes ago, and we are still waiting on the replacement sandwich. Sorry Romeo's, but you will no longer be receiving our business. I'd take a Big Mac over your screwed up business any day. At least they understand the concept of making food to order. Go Ronald!

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As a place of business customers should ALWAYS come first. Especially repeated ones. Our family LOVES YOUR FOODI!!! PEOPLE WORK HARD for their money and WE EXPECT great service, food and cleanliness and not to be hung up on. We had the absolute WORST FOOD from your place Saturday night (homecoming, so we could of went anywhere but chose your place) and your seriously in for a rude awakening when it comes to being a long term establishment in Salisbury treating people the way you do. We got LG FAT KNIGHT/ THE MARINARA was OLD TASTING!! VERY SOUR!!! The fries were VERY DRY AND COLD!!! We got LG CHICKEN CHEESTEAK it was DRY AND COLD!!! CHICKEN TENDERS DRY!!!!! WE ate one bite of each and asked for our money back, we were givin 8.00, 25% of the 32.00 worth of food we payed for. SO HERES THE DEAL, drop the attitude Mr. Manager WHO HUNG UP ON ME and patronize your local customers that KEEP YOUR BUSINESS OPEN. I have eaten there many times and would have expected you to at least give us our money back. Never again! Hope this is a lesson learned!

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