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Based on: 2 reviews
Cusato's Pizzeria
1600 Altamont Ave,
Schenectady, New York 12303
(518) 356-5555


Last updated 3.13.2012


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i love ther food best in town ilove there pizza the wings and there always nice when i call or go to get my food

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I know JOE the owner, HOWEVER, as often as I used to GO THERE, I won t anymore ! Because of a JERK that makes you WAIT for your FOOD and YELLS AT YOU! The website SHOWS ONE PRICE and when you go IN to the Rotterdam LOCATION they CHARGE YOU A HIGHER PRICE , stating that the LOWER PRICES ARE ONLY FOR CLIFTON PARK !!!!! Well, I m not going to EAT THERE ANY MORE. SORRY JOE, your people are RUDE ! I will GO TO PAPAJOHNS for the pizza thing now! THE LOW RATING IS FOR THE RUDE EMPLOYEE and the HIGHER PRICES !!!

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