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Based on: 15 reviews
El Fredo Pizza
523 W 19th St ,
Sioux City, Iowa 51103
(712) 258-0691


Last updated 8.8.2011

Menu: chicken salad, baked ziti, chicken cacciatore, chicken alfredo, garlic bread, calzones, chef salad, cheese pizza, cajun chicken, taco pizza, toasted ravioli, shrimp fettucine, american pizza, cheese ravioli, alfredo chicken

Products Other: Appetizers, Pizza, Salads, Sandwiches, Wings

Other Contact Info: (866) 491-9643

Keywords: Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Amenities: Take Out

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I grew up in Sioux City and now live in Lincoln NE. When my fiance and I head back through the Sioux City area we always make it a point to stop and eat at El Fredos. The food just beats all. The sauce is wonderful and we have found no better cheesesticks or calzones. You're in for a real treat if you choose to eat there. I still get cravings for the place.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza In Sioux City: Make sure you go with the original sauce. It might be a little spicy for some peoples' tastes.

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a Yahoo! Local User

There is no better pizza in town. The sauce is delicious, they even have mild sauce, and thats good too! Definitely the best pizza around!

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Real pizza for real people.: If you prefer Dominos over El Fredos, you obviously do not know what real pizza tastes like. I highly recommend El Fredo's, and if you're not in the mood for pizza, they have excellent pastas, sandwiches and appetizers to indulge on!

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Pastor Tin

This may very well be the best pizza in the world, if not it is in the top 5. You can get as many as 32 topping which is more like a deep dish pie than a pizza. The price's can not be beat, a down to earth place you can take the whole family. we rate this place as number one placr to go for Pizza in the MidWest

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If I am ever on death row Elfredo cheese pizza will be my last meal,by far the best food in the world

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it's a classic: As a lifelong Sioux Citian, evernow and again, there's a craving that nothing can satisfy except El Fredo Pizza. Just the smell driving by is enough to make me pause. I like to eat at the restauraunt so I'm surrounded by the smell as I eat the pizza. It's an overall experience. And the comedy club is good for dates.

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I grew up in Sioux City but now live in Colorado. I never miss a trip to El Fredos when I am back in SC. It is the best pizza I have ever had!!!

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a Yahoo! Local User

sauce: El Fredo's sauce is horrible.

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I belive this is the best pizza in the country. The atmosphere is wonderful with lots of seating. There is also a free party room with a reservation. FYI, their slogan is "The secret is in the sauce" and I have to agree. When ordering I usually order the original sauce (not mild). I didn't think original sauce was spicy at all.

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addictive: El fredos has the best pizza in town. definatly the secret is in the sauce.

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a Yahoo! Local User

Best Pizza in the Country. Period.: If your a real pizza connoisseur, El Fredo Pizza is a must. Get the Original sauce with any combo of ingrediants and you can't go wrong!!

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Epicurious M.

The secret here is the great sauce.

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Best pizza in SIouxland - maybe within 150 miles in every direction including Omaha & Sioux Falls. Family owned & has been around for years & has not changed. Their regular sauce is spicy & they don't skimp on it or the toppings. It can't be...

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I'm in Sioux City a few times a year and a trip isn't complete without some Elf Fredo's. You have to love that spicy sauce.

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