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Last updated 8.9.2011

Reservations Policy: None

Menu: brownies, potato salad, french toast, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, fried chicken, bread pudding, chicken salad, biscuits, scones, garlic mashed potatoes, chicken alfredo, clam chowder

Cuisine: Pizza

Price: $10 - $20

Keywords: Catering Services, Carry Out & Take Out, Restaurants, Pizza

Reviews (7) Write a review
Posted by

the steak was more like pot roast meat - disappointing. The pizza was good. desert was good. The salad bar was just ok. The soup was good. Overall the food was good, but overpriced. The decor was terrible. They need new rugs, table, & chairs. It smelled old. Just because of the lousy decorum they should lower the prices on the food.

Posted by

Their food is often rotten. The restaurant is dirty. They do not rotate the food properly, they just dump the newly cooked food on top of food that has been sitting there for hours. The hot items are often cold, dried up, or almost empty. YUCK! I tried it on at least three occasions, since they often have coupons in the paper. Gross each time, I will not return.

Posted by
You're Special

The food blows. The chicken was old. The mashed potatoes sucked a$$ because they were watered down. The thing I hated most was that evil owner/manager Connie who fires employees only because they were poorly trained under sh!tty supervision. She is a retarded nutjob who lacks any real decent judgement to run a restaurant. Oh yeah, the food was low because she wouldn't stop eating it. I want my money back now you b!tch! Praise Jesus.

Posted by
lynn p

The food here is awful and overpriced.The night we were there,there was just a couple of pieces of dried out pizza on the pizza table.We waited over 20 minutes for more pizza to come out.The counters and tables where the food is are dirty.The food is awful tasting like it came straight from a can.The salad was wilted,just terrible.Will not go back ever.

Posted by

Went early on a sunday evening and it was terrible. I never want to go back. The cold salad bar was filthy and unappealing. The hot food was not much better. The pasta was dry, old and tired looking. No one made any effort to bring out new food or clean. In fact one employee took a glass of water and mixed it with the gravy out in public. No class, bad experence.

Posted by

Izzys springfield is overpriced for the servic e you get, the one in eugene is the same price but you dont mind paying that due to the friendly staff and good food. Springfields food is dry coming from the grill, especially during noon hour, takes a long time to get to you, so if you are on your lunch break, dont go. you will only have enough time for the salad bar. the staff is rude and tables are always dirty, if you have the time, drive to eugene or hometown buffet at gateway mall

Posted by

Food is pretty good but staff is pretty bad. Women who normally manages is very anti-social and akward to speak to. For the same food, it's a better idea to drive to the Izzy's in Eugene. A bit out of the way, but it is MUCH nicer, cleaner and a friendlier staff!! Odd that two restaurants owned by same individual are so different.

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