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Last updated 3.13.2012

Menu: gelato, neopolitan

Brands: Electric Repair, Domestic Repair, Diesel, Collision Repair

Specialties Other: Transmission & Clutch Repair, Tire & Brake Repair, Radiator Repair, Muffler & Exhaust more...Transmission & Clutch Repair, Tire & Brake Repair, Radiator Repair, Muffler & Exhaust Repair, Japanese Repair, Import Repair, General Repair (Aftermarket), Foreign Repair, European Repair, Electrical Repair

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Reviews (23) Write a review
Posted by

The best darn pizza any were.The only place you can get scamotz cheese. Now that's real New York. pizza.

Posted by

I love Scamotz! Awesome food, awesome owners! The best pizza in town and the music is great, too!

Posted by
Rob Caminos

This was the best dining experience I had on trip to Manasota Key Florida. Excellent service, decor, atmosphere and the food, my God the food was incredible. My wife took me there for my birthday and it was the best birthday dinner. They gave me a birthday desert that was given with genuine sincerity rather than the canned birthday song you'll get at most other places. The ingredients for their pizza and salads are unmatched and you can tell that every thing is made with love and care. Another nice thing was the positive energy in the room. You can tell that the people that work there like working there and with one another. This positive energy always comes out in the cooking.

Posted by

We were quite impressed after our first visit to Scamotz, over two years ago. The thing I remember most about that visit was the owner, Bill, coming to our table and asking if we liked basil pesto. When we said yes, of course we do, he went out onto his patio and clipped some fresh basil leaves off of the plants outside and made us some of the best pesto we had ever tasted. We have been regular customers ever since, and anytime we're having trouble deciding where we want to go for a bite to eat, Scamotz is the place we choose, because it's more than just a meal, Emma and Bill make it a delightful experience. Whether trying new salad dressings that Emma is developing, eating the fresh "summer salad", enjoying a pie, having a "smoosh" for a cleansing dessert or listening and dancing to the wonderful music that is always playing, Scamotz has always been, for us, like visiting new friends. A recent experience just raised our high opinion about Scamotz even higher. We got married in January and we had my new brides two sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in town, along with my son, daughter and her boyfriend. Because of the hectic schedule that week we hadn't gotten the chance to go to Scamotz for dinner, even after raving to the family about how much we loved it. It was Sunday night and everyone was scheduled for flights out the next evening. We called the restaurant and Bill answered. At first my son was just going to order a few pies to go for that evening, but I talked to Bill and, even though at this point they were not opened for lunch, he said that if we would like to come in on Monday around 2 pm, he would have the ovens fired up and cook for us. Well and 2 the next day, the 8 of us, along with the baby strolled into Scamotz. At first we were going to take the pies to go, but it was such a pretty day that Bill said that if we liked, we could sit out on the patio and eat there. He said the only trouble would be we would have to help ourselves because he had no servers on duty. Well, we made ourselves at home, I poured wine and beer for us all and Emma brought out 3 differant salads for us to try. When we were done with the salads Bill and Emma brought out 4 differant pies for us, and served us more wine, and, of course, when the meals were through, Emma brought out "smooches" for everybody, (their single scoop servings of gelato, or sherbet that they give you for a dessert) It was a fantastic meal that everyone, including the baby, enjoyed. I thanked Emma and Bill for their wonderful hospitality and since we were just a little rushed to get everyone to the airport, I asked for the check so we could be on our way. When Emma handed me the tab I was FLABERGASTED!!! It was a regular, printed receipt, and all it said was "$0.00". Emma and Bill said, "Thank you, and congratulations on your Wedding" It truly brought a tear to my eyes. Emma and Bill are quirky, interesting and WONDERFUL people and their restaurant and their staff are the best in Venice and I highly recommend that EVERYONE try Scamotz at least once. I think that if you do, it will become your favorite restaurant too.

Posted by

During our Feb. stay in Venice, my wife & I visited the restaurant several times -- first by ourselves, when we were very impressed with both the delicious pies, salads, etc. & the outstanding service -- then later visits when we treated our family members and other guests from MD. Owners Bill & Emma have put together the excellent ingredients (menu/price, staff, location) for an outstanding restaurant in our favorite Winter getaway! Without hesitation, we recommend you pay them a visit.

Posted by

Bill & Emma were great hosts. We brought our Boxer, Gabby, and ate on the patio. Bill was very nice with Gabby and we very much appreciated that. We are from Chicago and have eaten all kinds of pizzas from east coast to west coast. Scamotz is as good a pizza as we had in Venice,Italy. We will be back!

Posted by

Scamotz makes decent Pizzas, however, the owner Bill is very literally an alcoholic tyrant who takes pride in kicking 2-3 parties out of his restaurant weekly. I was close to one of Bill's employees, and I have seen him kick out old people who wanted to split their check in half. One time, a customer asked for "Extra basil" and Bill got so angry he brought the table a plate full of raw basil that hasn't been cut or ground! It was just stems and leafs of basil. Also, if you're a good looking woman expect to be hit on constantly. Bill walks around and talks to tables as they're eating, and routinely asks female customers to dance. He will probably say "Permission?" in a French accent (he's not French) and then kiss your hand. It's creepy as hell, but, then again, he's a drunk. The pizza is pretty good. Bill uses high-quality ingredients. But your choices are limited and don't dare ask for something that's not on the menu. Bill keeps a Domino's menu under the front counter and likes to wave it in the faces, while screaming, of anyone who complains. Oh yeah--his Pizza oven can only cook 5 pies at a time, which means waits are typically one hour or more. If you complain, you will get kicked out. The guy is completely nuts. But, if you enjoy adventure with your meal, I suppose you might enjoy Scamotz. Just be aware that Bill has a concealed weapons permit and often says "You don't want these blue eyes to be the last thing you see."

Posted by

awsome awsome awsome: the people were was one of my best restaurant experiences ever.the food was delicious just like moms home cooked italian meals and everything was super clean. i would recomend any of my friends to go their. pet friendly patio also helps when im out with the dog too.

Posted by

We are absolutely delighted with this place. Possibly the best Pizza we have ever had. Superior salads, fresh ingredients, reasonably priced wines. GO!

Posted by
midwest snowbirds

For 5 years in venice/Englewood we've not found good pizza until SCAMOTZ, this is what crust should be like. Salads were very good. We like wine with our pizza but I refuse to pay for wine when the mark-up is 100%--200%. This is why we won't go back!1 Yes, I can afford the inflated price.

Posted by
Italian mama

After 5 years, finally found my favorite restaurant in Venice, FL. Bella, Bella SCAMOTZ. Love the food, the Tomato Pies are awesome as well as the owners. Glad I could take my sweet little dog with me too. Great Place for food and fun.

Posted by

A lot has changed since the grand opening. First, they no longer accept credit cards, and now bland food, based on my final 2 visits. All pizzas arrived not as ordered, one was burnt on the underside, and all had no taste whatsoever. A far cry from the "best pizza in Venice". It used to be like that, very cozy and welcoming. Resting on their laurels, they are picking off Venice residents, those of us once loyal to this "treasure" has now become a place where the waitstaff are fearful in getting into Bill's way, let alone express a concern that a customer has. Not accepting that the pizza was sub par, Bill threw a Pizza Hut menu at us, and threw us out - giving us a verbal assault accusing us of eating and not paying at all the restaurants we visit, as well as some choice comments about our appearence and our choice of friends. Bill, you should be ashamed of yourself, but your anger and rage might be best helped by a professional. The snowbirds may carry you this winter, but once they stop, your local crowd will not follow you anymore as you ailienate them one table at a time. Folks, try Mama Leones or Valenti's. Their pizza and pasta are consistant. Bill just doesn't care anymore, and it shows in the food and poor attitude.

Posted by
Zuba Sparks

The Owner is nuts and wants to prove it. On our second visit, we didn't finish our salad. When the waitress came over, we politely said, we were finsihed and didn't like the dressing. Please take it away. The owner overheard our comment, and totally lost it. He came over to the table and asked what the problem was. When he was told, we didn't like the salad dressing, he yelled that he only buys the best balsamic vinegar available. If we don't like his food, we should just leave. Trying to calm him down, we said, not to worry, just bring the next course. He got even wilder, and demanded we leave his restaurant. He then yelled, at teh top of his lungs, that we shjould never come back, and that we should tell all our friends. We never went back, and we are telling you too. It's a shame, his pizza is not bad.

Posted by

Scamotz was reccomended to me by a visitor (believe it or not) so I made a point to try. I consider myself a self proclaimed pizza critic and I must say Scamotz is fabulous! I ordered out this time but can't wait to go there and eat in. Great atmosphere! Natalie was so super nice. My new favorite Pizza! Never thought I would find one down here in Florida. Woo hoo!

Posted by

The employees have no regard for customer service. I had a horrendous experience with a pizza I did not order that they insisted was a good pizza. I will never return.

Posted by

Great Pie!!! I have been coming to Venice for 29 years. Beats any other eatery in Venice that I have attended. A great atmosphere as well.

Posted by

Ever since we moved to Nokomis, FL, Scamotz has been our favorite spot for dinner or take out. We love the new Neopolitan Pie and Summer Salad. But the Caesar is our all time favorite. Dining inside or out, it doesn't matter, Bill and Emma are wonderful, the wait staff are friendly. The wait can be long, but they always make you feel comfortable. The wait can be long because it is so popular.

Posted by
Scuba Dude

Fabulous, one of a kind pizzas! NOT the kind of stuff that comes from the Big Chain delivery. Each pizza made from scratch, even the tomatoes are giant slices cut fresh! And oh man the salads! Even the small's are big enough for two and fresh, fresh, fresh! My wife have been here several times and enjoy the food and the owner, Bill. We will continue to dine there! Only drawback is the small size of the dining room, sometimes it can get a bit crowded. Get there early and avoid the half-round table on the west wall, it gets in the way of the giant 8-top table.

Posted by
pizza lover

We ate there for the first time & loved the place. We ate outdoors on the patio - it was a little chilly out but they have heaters all over to keep it nice & toasty. The owner came out & introduced himself and welcomed us. What a nice touch! The pizza was great, service was great & the little treat at the end of the meal was very nice. Would definitely go back!!

Posted by
a Yahoo! Local User

Great Italin Food!Cheap!: I've gone there for lunch many times and am never disappointed by the service. It is a small, comfty restaurant with very nice service. There prices are amazing too. My first visit I ordered a calzone and thought it would be about 6 inches long, well I ended up eating it for the rest of the week, and I forget the exact price but it was between $5 and $8.

Posted by

I'm from NY, and I think Scamotz has one of the best pizzas of all. Great salads too. The music can be loud, and the quirky owners aren't too amenable about turning it down -- but that's my only complaint. They're nice people otherwise. The place could be much larger and still be packed.

Posted by
Dani S.

Scamotz is great quality pizza. It is more gourmet style and the atmosphere is cozy. Outside seating is great on a nice night. Owner is very friendly and personable!

Posted by

Adorable atmosphere great food. Fresh herbs grown on location awesome pizza pie!

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